The Fitted Longsleeve

Peanut butter was made to spoon hearty slicks of jam, just as Bonnie was born to embezzle banks alongside Clyde. Likewise, this long-sleeve hits the mark burrowed into your favourite high-waisted jeans. Stir in a (lawful) glimmer of gold, and you have a sure-fire recipe for rabble-rousing success.


This micro-ribbed fabric was developed for all of our more form-fitting styles. Still made of 100% cotton, this fabric gets its stretch from the ribbed weave. Using our own Giza 86/88 blend, these cotton fibres are twice the fineness and length of normal cotton (about 20% the diameter of a human hair). When woven together, they create a crazy soft fabric with better strength and breathability than any natural jersey.


  • Made in Egypt
  • 100% long-staple Egyptian Cotton
  • Micro-rib jersey



Fitted through the body with long fitted sleeves. It should feel tight when you first put it on and will give throughout the day.

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