Shopping Bag

We create clothes for ordinary moments. By reimagining your everyday essentials in Egyptian cotton, we create basics you can wear for a lifetime. We also try to do a little good while we’re at it.

The Essentials

The essentials are the things we can’t live without, the basics at the core of everyday moments. At Kotn, we believe in elevating the clothes you spend your life wearing — reimagining your most ordinary utilities. Why? Because your essentials are essential. Plain and simple.

Egyptian Cotton

We focus on one naturally remarkable fibre: our namesake, authentic Egyptian cotton. Grown in only one place in the world — the Nile Delta, where the river splits and meets the Mediterranean — Egypt’s “white gold” is finer, softer, and more breathable than any other cotton. We wholeheartedly believe this noble fibre produces the most practical yet oh-so-cozy fabric for your everyday standard — which is why we are determined to save it.

With the recent elimination of government subsidies to independent farmers, the Egyptian cotton industry has fallen to 1% of past production. This means the potential extinction of the world’s hardest-working luxury fibre, and a strain on the farming communities of the Nile Delta.

Giving Back

We don’t believe in bandaid solutions —through economic support and education, we want to rebuild the industry from the inside. To help cover the loss of government subsidies, we personally supply 20 Nile Delta cotton farms with seeds, fertilizer, and agriculture consultants — the essentials they need to succeed.

To keep kids in school and slow the cycle of child labour, we’ve partnered with pro-literacy organizations on the ground in the Nile Delta, benefiting the children that need it. To secure a stable future, we’re organizing a fund that will sponsor young Egyptians to attend Cairo’s agricultural engineering university — they’ll learn to modernize the industry and improve quality of life for the next generation.

Most importantly, the cotton used in our products is bought straight from family-owned farms in the Nile Delta and sent to our cut-and-sew factory just outside Alexandria. The responsibly-run operation employs locals from throughout the region, securing their craft and their livelihood. By scrapping the middleman, we’ve ensured a fair wage for them, and an honest price for you.

The Founders

Kotn is the sum of our shared values. As best friends who’ve done nearly everything together — studied, travelled, worked, made great (and some not-so-great) choices, and even fallen in love (thanks for introducing us, Rami) — we’ve become grateful for the simplicity of everyday moments, the quiet comfort of an ordinary day. We built Kotn to reflect that gratitude: together, we aim to bring you better basics and an even better world.