Our Fabrics

Our Fabrics

At Kotn, we make every one of our fabrics from scratch, working directly with each step of the supply chain from farm to mill, to dyehouse, and cut and sew. Once our cotton is picked, the raw fibres are spun into yarns and then knitted or woven into sheets of material, each using a different thread weight and pattern to create its unique makeup.

Kotn Lightweight Jersey

Lightweight Jersey

Our lightest material made from the simplest structure: the single jersey knit. The single knit has flat vertical lines on the right side of the fabric and horizontal lines on the reverse. Crafted using our most delicate 40/1 yarn, its lightweight texture is extra drapey, breezy and soft.

Kotn Brushed Midweight Jersey

Brushed Midweight Jersey

Heavier than the former, but still drapey and light, our brushed midweight jersey is what makes our Essential T-shirts so essential. Made with our midweight 30/1 yarn, the jersey has a brushed surface, which makes each fibre a little bit fuzzy and the overall fabric incredibly soft.

Kotn Heavyweight Jersey

Heavyweight Jersey

Made with a thicker 20/1 yarn, this jersey has more structure and a heavier hand, which allows the fabric to hold its shape rather than forming to your body.

Kotn Microrib


The ribbed knits most distinct feature is its faint vertical stripe, or what’s technically known as wales. The wales are alternating raised and lowered stitches, which form the look of a stripe, and provide a natural elasticity crosswise that make the textile perfect for tighter garments that require more stretch. While the wales make the fabric a little thicker than our light and midweight jerseys, it’s still soft to the touch with an easy drape.

Kotn Heavyweight Derby Rib

Heavyweight Derby Rib

95% cotton with a hint of elastane, our heavyweight rib is a thick stretch fabric that flatters your form. With pronounced wales, it's tone-on-tone striped pattern offers subtle texture.

Kotn Textured Jacquard

Textured Jacquard

Invented by Frenchman Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1804, the Jacquard loom simplified the process of creating complex textured fabrics. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, our heavyweight jacquard is smooth on the inside, and textured on the outside, adding subtle interest to the garment.

Kotn Thick Wale Rib

Thick Wale Rib

Like our micro-rib but with a heavier hand and thicker wales, creating a more defined texture and tone-on-tone stripe pattern. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, the wales make it naturally stretchy, allowing the fabric to form to and flatter your body.

Kotn Loopback Terry

Loopback Terry

A type of single jersey knit, our terry has a smooth front, with visible ‘floats’ or loops on the back. This flat looped interior makes the fabric highly absorbent and breathable, making it a great knit for sportswear and year-round weather.

Kotn Fleeced Terry

Fleeced Terry

The coziest of them all, our fleeced terry knit fabric features a flat front and fleeced back, which is created by combing the threads on one side so they break and become fuzzy. This causes the fibres to mat, making the fabric more compact, softer and warmer than its un-fleeced counterpart. The terry is a heavier fabric with a soft drape—one that you won’t want to take off.

Kotn Lightweight Terry

Lightweight Terry

Similar to our original loopback but knitted with smaller loops, forming a thinner fabric with a drapier hang. Feels like a sweatshirt, but with the lightness of a tee—perfect for layering and warmer temperatures.

Kotn Lightweight Twill

Lightweight Twill

A lightweight drapey twill made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. Woven rather than knit, it has a slight sheen and silky effect, elegant-looking and soft to the skin.

Kotn Lightweight Poplin

Lightweight Poplin

A plain light weave poplin made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. The fabric's high thread count construction, woven in a simple criss-cross pattern, offers a structured body, light drape, dry hand-feel, and excellent breathability—perfect for layering under pieces and warmer temps.

Kotn Oxford


Originating in early 19th century Scotland, Oxford fabric was pioneered by a small textile mill experimenting with new fabric weaves. Defined by its unique basketweave pattern, Oxford cloth is woven with two different strands of yarn, resulting in a subtle checkerboard appearance. Structured yet soft with a light drape, ours is mid-weight, crafted from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. With regular wear, the fabric weave will relax.

Kotn Gabardine Twill

Gabardine Twill

A blended cotton gabardine used for our new essential trousers—98% Egyptian cotton, mixed with 2% elastane for stretch, comfort, and mobility. Gabardine is a sturdy twill weave historically used in military wear due to its breathability, strength and durability. Structured at first, it will ease to your body with wear.

Kotn Piqué


The golfers go-to, the piqué knit is most popularly known for polos, as it’s breathable, durable and easily hides dirt. Piqué knits have an all-over geometric texture and dry touch, created by the use of tuck loops and tuck stitches. Weighing in at 200-215 GSM, the fabric is structured and strong—a great choice if you’re looking for your clothing to hold and create shape, rather than forming to your body.

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