Our Cotton

Our Cotton

At Kotn, we work with only the finest natural fibres. In Portugal and Egypt, we work with family-run farms to pick the best fibres, ensuring direct-trade practices, above fair pay, and safe working conditions along the way.

A woman at a Kotn farm, gathering Egyptian cotton by hand.

The Tenth Percentile

The majority of cotton products are made from three cotton fibres: upland, pima and Egyptian. While over 90% of the world’s cotton products are made from short-staple upland cotton, less than 10% are made from higher-end pima and Egyptian cotton fibres, the fabric that started our journey.

A picture of extra-long staple Egyptian cotton, at a Kotn farm.

Why Cotton?

Egyptian, or Gossypium Barbadense, is finer, softer and stronger than any other cotton in the world. Classified as a long, to extra-long staple fibre, its lengthy strands allow for the creation of thinner, silkier yarns, which are more resistant to breakage, fraying, pilling, and wrinkling. Our Egyptian cotton is also handpicked, putting less stress on the fibre, ensuring longer intact strands than the machine picked variety.

For products made in Portugal, we use thoughtfully-sourced cotton certified by the Better Cotton Initiative. The Better Cotton Initiative is the world’s largest governing non-profit for cotton farming. The thorough certification process ensures that all BCI cotton is produced using the most ethical and sustainable methods possible. This includes maintaining and conserving biodiversity, being conscious of local water use, and using minimally harmful crop protection practices, all while upholding the quality of the fibres and creating the best possible work environments for farmers.

A woman gathering Egyptian cotton at a Kotn farm.

The Giza Difference

Within Egypt, there are different variations of cotton, Giza fibres being the gold—or as Egyptians say “white gold”—standard. Giza cotton originates from the Nile Delta region, an area whose nutrient-rich soil, sunny skies, and consistent 60-70% humidity create the perfect environment for cotton growth.

A photo of Rami Helali and Mackenzie Yeates inspecting a bail of Egyptian cotton at a Kotn farm.

Quality Assurance

We work directly with our farmers in Egypt and Portugal to ensure the highest quality fibres available, and continue to test for authenticity throughout our supply chain to guarantee this.

An image of a woman gathering Egyptian cotton

Less Cost, More Cotton

Cotton, like gold, is a commodity that fluctuates in value, so by bypassing the use of traditional middlemen we can ensure guaranteed pricing, which equated to 35% above market pay last season. Listening to the farmers' needs, we actively work and react to market conditions to provide them with subsidies like fertilizer and agricultural consultants, helping to lower their operating costs and increase seasonal yields.

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